Is Vaping Marijuana Dangerous?

Playing Is Marijuana Vaping Toxic?

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

The popularity of vaping marijuana continues to grow in popularity, but are there health concerns when it comes to vaping? The Doctors welcome vape specialist Dr. Sue Sisley to investigate.

Dr. Sisley tells The Doctors there is no safety data when it comes to vaping marijuana oils and explains the vaping cartridges contain a chemical that when exposed to heat can turn into formaldehyde.

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She notes the FDA confirms these chemical additives are safe for consumption, but worries, "Just because it's safe to eat, doesn't mean it's safe to heat up and inhale." She adds that the flavor additives, which are popular in marijuana oils, are also not tested for heating.

A better alternative, according to Dr. Sisley, is vaping a natural flower marijuana which is grown without pesticides and does not contain any chemicals. Dr. Sisley also warns that the marijuana oils used to vape are super concentrated, with some containing 70 to 90 percent THC, and can easily lead to intoxication . "The key is always to start low and go slow," she adds.

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"We just need to be aware of potential risks... we just have to be careful that we're not harming our overall health," ER physician Dr. Travis Stork concludes.