Is Re-Naming Plus-Sized Clothes 'Fabulously Sized' Harmful?

Playing Plus-Sized Re-Labeled ‘Fabulous Sized’?

The Doctors weigh in on Kmart's recent rebranding of their plus-sized clothes, which they now refer to as "fabulously sized." But is there a downside?

Surgical breast specialist Dr. Kristi Funk worries about America's growing obesity rates, saying, "It's not fabulous," and goes on to explain how weight gain can be linked to health issues like diabetes, Alzheimers, and cancer. Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon agrees and notes that being overweight can affect every system of the body, which he does not feel should be labeled as fabulous.

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Model and special correspondent Rosie Mercado says that she initially loved the company's new campaign and commercial, but was disappointed when she learned more about it.

"The reality is they're still pushing us to the back [of the store] in a plus-sized section... you want to cater to me but you want to push me to the back and you still want my money? If you want my money, give me the respect. All they did was change a name, that's all they did," she tells The Doctors. She wishes shopping was an all-inclusive experience where a group of people of different sizes could find options in the same section of the store.

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When contacted, Kmart told The Doctors, "We have millions who are all different and looking for styles accessible at all sizes for a great value. Our biggest goal is to be more inclusive, celebrate body positivity and empower women to look and feel good about fashion."