Teachers Seen Dragging Autistic Child down Hallway

Playing Caught on Tape: Teachers Dragging Student with Autism

The Doctors weigh in on shocking video of teachers dragging a 7-year-old autistic student down a hallway at a school.

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork and plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon are joined by attorney and child advocate Areva Martin and clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho to discuss the disturbing footage. According to reports, the child was removed from his classroom after having a meltdown.

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Areva, who has a son who is autistic and previously prosecuted teachers for alleged abuse of kids with autism, says she believes the teachers involved need to be prosecuted. "So we send a strong message because if I was a parent dragging my kids like that out in public and you saw me and you call Child Protective Services, the District Attorney would be knocking on my door... that's child endangerment, that's child neglect, that's assault on that child," she says.

Rather than dragging the child down the hall, she shares alternatives that could have been used, including stepping back and deescalating the situation, allowing the child time to calm down, and isolating the child to make sure he was safe.

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"Putting your hands on the child only escalated the situation," she says.

The Doctors reached out to the school involved in the incident and we have not heard back.