Virtual Reality Erotica to Spice up Your Sex Life?

Playing Can Virtual Reality Erotica Prevent Cheating?

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

Is a virtual reality headset that plays porn the answer to couples looking to spice things up in the bedroom?

The Doctors explain that the device creates a completely immersive environment and would leave out your partner, something dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra is not onboard with. Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon says that after 35 years of marriage a device like this might be worth trying, but notes this is not something he would suggest on a first date.

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"You shouldn't be trying to tune them out... if we're going to have sex after a long day, we need to be focused on each other," Dr. Batra says. She does acknowledge that the product might be more useful in a fertility clinic or for self-pleasuring.

The Doctors welcome Seth, who works for a production company creating this type of content. "There are couples who have been together for a very long time and they are looking to spice things up when just the normal one on one connection is not working and isn't relative to them anymore. So, we're looking to add some spice to that," he shares.

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Would you and your partner try out virtual reality erotica?