Skin Cancer Took Woman's Nose

Playing Skin Cancer Took My Nose

The following material contains graphic images that may be disturbing. Parents are advised that these images may not be suitable for young children. 

While in college, Marisha got a blemish on her nose and a week later it grew larger. Her doctor thought she might have a skin infection. When antibiotics failed to have any effect, a dermatologist determined she had skin cancer.

Following numerous surgeries to remove the cancer -- which had spread to other parts of her face and jaw -- and subsequent reconstruction surgeries, Marisha joins The Doctors. She proudly shares, "I'm happy to say I'm about 11 months cancer-free. I'm in remission."

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To deal with her reoccurring inflammation, she is taking steroids which has lead to weight gain and makes breathing and talking at times painful. "I don't want to feel ashamed of the way I look right now, but I'm really struggling with wanting to accept myself... I just want to live and function," she says.

She tells The Doctors that she now experiences constant pain and nose bleeds, plus waking up each day and seeing a different face than the one she was born with is its own form of pain.

Following a consultation with plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon, he determines that while her case is challenging, there is hope to achieve a look she will be happier with. The Doctors reached out to Anson, Edwards & Higgins Plastic Surgery Associates in Las Vegas, who have offered to provide her facial reconstruction surgery for free. Additionally, cosmetic dentist Dr. Joe Willardsen has offered her a new smile, also free of charge. We have also arranged for Marisha to receive 10 complimentary therapy sessions from Doctor on Demand.

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The Doctors look forward to Marisha's progress and can't wait to welcome her back to show.

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