Nudity in Front of Your Children

Kelly from Tyler, Texas writes,

Dear Doctors,

Until my daughters were about 5 years old, we’d shower and bathe together regularly. Now, my son is currently 4 and still showers with me, but I can’t help but worry that this is somehow inappropriate. At what age should I stop bathing and/or being nude in front of my children?

"Just the fact that Mom is starting to wonder, it’s time," pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears says. "Age 2 and 3, no big deal. I think that’s when we stopped with our kids. In America, this is a very modest society. Most people are private with their privates. If your child is very comfortable having people naked around them, when they go to school, they’ll kind of think it’s fine to get naked and explore. That child is going to get in trouble."

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