Exclusive: Aaron Carter’s Health Issues Revealed

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Aaron Carter has come to The Doctors in hopes of solving his many health issues. Following his July DUI arrest and the enduring a slew of painful headlines which questioned the state of his health, the singer reached out to the show for help.

“I think Aaron is here today for one reason. He’s hoping to feel better about his life, his health,” ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says.

The singer reveals he been the subject of repeated body-shaming with some people saying he appears to have cancer or AIDS and some question if he’s using hard drugs. Regarding his small stature and weight, he tells us, “Why am I so thin? Acid reflux, [and a] hiatal hernia.”

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We sent the singer to see Gastroenterologist Dr. Jorge Rodriguez in hopes of getting to the bottom of his health issues.

“I just get made fun of a lot for how I look… because I’m gaunt and I’m skinny,” he tells Dr. Rodriguez. “I’m concerned about my overall health because people tell me I look like I have AIDS or I look like I have cancer, or I look like I’m dying.”

When asked about drugs use, he says, ““I do not do any cocaine, I do not do any meth, everyone always calls me a crack head and a meth head, whether it’s news outlets, blogs, they are body-shaming me every day. He goes on to reveal, “I’ve never smoked crack in my life, I’ve never smoked meth in my life. I tried cocaine when I was like 16.” Aaron is prescribed a variety of medications by his doctor, including Xanax, Klonopin, oxycodone to treat his fractured jaw, fractured kneecap, and pain associated with his rigorous performance routines.

The star also shares, “I haven’t always been the safest sexually” and is concerned about the possibility of having an STD along with dealing with anxiety and stress.

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Dr. Rodriguez orders an upper endoscopy and a complete battery of blood tests including an HIV test, STD panel, and a liver kidney and thyroid check. Aaron is also given a hair follicle drug test. Additionally, Aaron gets chest x-rays from radiologist Dr. Daniel Cousin of Bayview Radiology.

Aaron tells The Doctors, “I take my drugs as needed…. Do I feel like I’m in control of [my prescription drugs]? Absolutely, I do. It’s in moderation, it’s as needed. It’s not to get high.”

While he says he feels in control of his prescription drug use, the death of his sister Leslie Carter, who died from an overdose of prescription meds in 2012, weighs heavily on him. “Of course it scares me, but it scares me to the point to not make the wrong decision,” he says.

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During Aaron’s appearance, the results of this drugs test are revealed. Dr. Stork says that while his tests for cocaine and meth both come back negative, he does test positive for THC (marijuana) benzodiazepines (Xanax) and opiates (oxycodone). The combination of taking benzodiazepines and opiates, which can lead to an accidental death, is concerning to The Doctors and psychiatrist Dr. Domenick Sportelli, who was also brought in to work with the singer.

“When you’re an anxious person, you’re driving a speeding car that’s out of control, totally out of control. I give you a benzo, it’s like letting you put on the brakes to that car for a little while, but in a couple of hours that car is going to be out of control again,” Dr. Sportelli explains. “You need to learn how to drive the car. I don’t just want to give you a break. I want to teach you how to drive the car.”

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Appearing receptive to this approach, Aaron says, “I look forward to being able to drive that car." Adding, “I don’t want to be on these [drugs]… I find myself getting them off the streets just to get them.”

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