Does Your Iced Coffee Contain Poop?

Playing Is There Poop in Your Coffee?

Is there something gross lurking in your iced coffee -- for instance fecal matter?

According to experts in The U.K., fecal matter was found in the ice at multiple popular coffee chains in London.

Since there is reportedly fecal matter being served up across the Atlantic in iced coffee, The Doctors conducted their own test of three types of coffee chains, including well-known popular coffee establishments, high-end coffee houses, and even budget-friendly fast food restaurants in the Los Angeles area to find out if the same thing was happening here.

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Here are the shocking results:

Popular coffee chains: were found to be DIRTY -- with all the locations we went to testing positive for at least one type of bacteria associated with fecal matter, along with environmental contaminants and dust.

High-end coffee houses: the spots we tested were also found to be DIRTY -- with an expensive cappuccino testing positive for fecal matter.

Fast food chains: were found to be CLEAN -- The Doctors believe the difference is that these types of restaurants use an automatic ice machine and not a tub of ice with a scooper, which cuts down on the risk of contamination.

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The Doctors note if you are healthy that in most instances the body is equipped to handle ingesting this type of fecal matter. They recommend always checking to make sure your favorite coffee place is clean and well kept, which could be an indicator about what might be lurking in your iced coffee!