A Mother Hears Her Son's Voice for the First Time - Update

Dawn, a mother of two, lost her hearing 15 years ago due to an unknown cause. 

She was forced to communicate by reading lips and had never heard her 8-year-old son Asher’s voice. After learning she was a candidate for a cochlear implant, Dawn underwent the procedure to make a difference in her family’s life. 

In an emotional and touching episode from February 2013, Dawn finally heard Asher's voice for the very first time.

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The amazing story of Dawn and Asher was viewed over 8 million times on The Doctors' YouTube channel and we caught up with the mother and son to see how they are doing now.

Since appearing on the show, Dawn has got married and traveled the world and was able to hear things, like the sounds of wild animals in Africa, for the very first time.

"There are so many things I can do now that I couldn't do before. I have been able to have conversations in the dark with my son, which was a really big thing," Dawn shares.

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Asher says looking back on his appearance on The Doctors, "The first time she could hear me, it was emotional."

"When I heard his voice, I believed in miracles," Dawn explains. "Another great thing about the show is that my experience has been able to help so many people. People have reached out to me from all over about my surgery and how it could possibly help them."

Dawn adds, "There is hope and you don't have to live a life without hearing. Every day, I am reminded of how blessed and lucky I am."