10 Inspiring Stories of Survival and Hope

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

To celebrate The Doctors Season 10, we are looking back at from our amazing past seasons. Revisit 10 of our most inspiring and powerful stories of survival and triumph in the face of seemingly impossible odds.

Woman Burned with Acid By Ex-Boyfriend Returns Transformed

Mom Injects Son with Feces!

3-Year-Old Gets 5 Pound Tumor Removed

Woman Maimed by Ex-Boyfriend

I Survived Being Shot in the Face!

Hero Who Took a Bullet for a Stranger Shares His Story

Near Death Experience: Eaten Alive By Dogs!

My Dad Injected Me with HIV

Woman Survives Being Set on Fire by Husband

Man Proposes to Girlfriend after Surviving Horrific Car Accident

The Doctors Season 10 premieres on September 12 -- for channel and air times, CLICK HERE!