10 Shocking Crimes and Arrests!

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

To celebrate the debut of The Doctors Season 10, we are revisiting our best moments from our past seasons. Look back at 10 of our shocking and jaw dropping crime and arrest stories!

Mom Accused of Making Child Use Her Car Breathalyzer?

Fake Doc Gets 10 Years for Injecting Deadly Substances in Women's Bodies

Shocking Naked Driver Arrest!

Fighting Crime with Sex Toys?

Child Dies from Forced Soda Consumption

Drunk Driving While Topless Snapchatting?!

Overdose Caught on Tape?

Woman Hides Loaded Gun in Her Private Parts

Mother Arrested after Giving Baby Bourbon to Alleviate Teething Pain

Woman Arrested for Attacking Farting Husband?

The Doctors Season 10 premieres on September 12 -- for channel and air times, CLICK HERE!