Skincare During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, surging hormones cause a number of changes to the body, including blotches and acne on the skin. “If you’ve never had acne before, now is the time it will erupt all over your skin,” dermatologist Dr. Jessica Wu says.

A problem many women face during pregnancy is that many skin products are not safe to them or the baby because they have tetracyclyn or Retin A. “If you take tetracyclyn, you’ve got to stop it, otherwise your baby will have gray teeth,” Dr. Wu says.

OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson explains beauty products to avoid when pregnant.

A safe solution is the Belli Skincare line of products, which are specially tested and pregnancy safe. They were developed by Dr. Jason Rubin in 2002 and offer teratology screening, which produces a higher safety standard that guards against ingredients with even remote links to birth defects.

Belli’s pregnancy line offers products that help with stretch marks, acne, chloasma, dry skin and swelling. They also offer products geared towards post-birth mothers and babies, with the same safety requirements. The products can be found in high-end maternity and baby boutiques, in many OB-GYN offices and on the Web.

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