Add Vinegar to Your Salad Dressing to Slim Down!

Salad dressing makes it easier, and tastier, to eat your healthy greens. But it can also be loaded with calories. Use a simple hack to make your salads less fattening!

“What’s a simple tip that only takes a few seconds and could save you 20,000 calories this year?” asks ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork. If you prefer creamy dressings and use commercial bottled dressing – just dilute it with vinegar!

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You can dilute the fat, calories, and sodium in any commercial dressing by 50% by pouring an equal amount of plain vinegar right into the bottle and shaking. How many calories you save depends on your dressing of choice:

Calories Saved in 1 Year (based on eating 3 salads per week)

· Italian: 9,048

· Ranch: 18,408

· French: 18,408

· Thousand Island: 14,040

· Caesar: 19,968

· Blue Cheese: 20,592

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“I’m an oil-and-vinegar guy,” comments Dr. Stork, “but I like this trick, because some people just can’t do it without a little ranch.” He points out that this simple change could lead to losing seven pounds a year!