Add Vinegar to Your Salad Dressing to Slim Down!

Playing Simple Salad Dressing Swap to Lose Weight

Salad dressing makes it easier, and tastier, to eat your healthy greens. But it can also be loaded with calories. Use a simple hack to make your salads less fattening!

“What’s a simple tip that only takes a few seconds and could save you 20,000 calories this year?” asks ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork. If you prefer creamy dressings and use commercial bottled dressing – just dilute it with vinegar!

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You can dilute the fat, calories, and sodium in any commercial dressing by 50% by pouring an equal amount of plain vinegar right into the bottle and shaking. How many calories you save depends on your dressing of choice:

Calories Saved in 1 Year (based on eating 3 salads per week)

· Italian: 9,048

· Ranch: 18,408

· French: 18,408

· Thousand Island: 14,040

· Caesar: 19,968

· Blue Cheese: 20,592

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“I’m an oil-and-vinegar guy,” comments Dr. Stork, “but I like this trick, because some people just can’t do it without a little ranch.” He points out that this simple change could lead to losing seven pounds a year!