Make Right Now Your Best Age Ever!

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Playing How to Make Your Best Age… Now!

Psychologist Dr. Robi Ludwig joins The Doctors with tips to make your milestone birthdays amazing instead of miserable.

Dr. Ludwig’s new book, “Your Best Age Is Now,” explains how to embrace an ageless mindset. “I love this mindset, and I think it’s so timely,” says Plastic Surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon. “People freak out!”

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“Science is changing, and so we’re living a lot longer,” Dr. Ludwig says. “I don’t want anyone giving up on themselves prematurely.”

She recommends tapping into your “teen energy” – “Studies show the younger you feel, the more optimistic and hopeful you feel. It’s a little bit like Botox for the brain!” Don’t lose touch with what you loved as a younger person. “I think Dr. Ordon does a great job of embracing his inner teen,” ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork notes. “He’s really good at it!”

“I feel as though there are certain cultural norms where, by nature as we get older, we’re more serious,” Dr. Stork adds. “What would your younger self advise your older self?” Dr. Ludwig encourages us to ask. “When I was young, I actually took life way TOO seriously,” Dr. Stork responds. “My older self wants to tell me, ‘Travis, it’s OK to relax now and then!’”

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“You never stop dreaming, you always keep finding new passions,” Dr. Stork notes. “And keep in touch with that inner sense of play,” Dr. Ludwig adds. She gives tips for staying playful in her book.