Kim Kardashian's Belly Button Makeover

Playing Kim Kardashian’s Belly Button Makeover

Reality and social media star Kim Kardashian has opened up about a recent cosmetic procedure – not to her face or her world-famous derriere, but her belly button!

Kim explains to her social media followers that pregnancy left her bellybutton looking a little different and she wanted it restored to its former splendor, so she visited cosmetic surgeon Dr. Simon Ourian. Now Dr. Ourian joins The Doctors to explain the procedure.

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“It’s actually called a belly-button lift,” he says. Dr. Ourian says he’s worked with Kim after her pregnancies to tighten her abdominal skin and minimize stretch marks via a combination of ultrasound and lasers. “It’s all non-invasive,” he explains.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon cautions that if a woman’s abdominal muscles have separated during pregnancy, this treatment won’t address the problem. Dr. Ourian agrees that muscle problems will require surgery. “This is for people who’ve lost and gained and lost weight, and just the skin and abdominal tissue have loosened,” he says.

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Dr. Ourian explains that the procedure is best for very small-sized women, who will need one or two treatments at a total cost of $5,000-6,000. “More options than ever before,” concludes ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork.