You Can Learn to Live Happy!

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Psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser shares some tips that can help you live a happier life.

Stacy explains that she is one of the contributors to the book “Live Happy,” which is full of recommendations for adding happiness to your life. “It has all kinds of tips and tools,” she explains. Contributors include celebrities like Alanis Morisette – “And then somehow they ended up including me!” she adds.

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Here are some of the ways Stacy recommends upping your happiness:

Give Back. Helping others can be a huge mood-booster, especially when you aren’t feeling good yourself.

Approach Problems in a Positive Way. “I think sometimes taking a step back” can alter your mood and improve a bad day, observes ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork.

Practice Happiness. “If we teach children happiness skills, they will have better physical health over the next 30 years,” Stacy explains. Happiness doesn’t just happen – it’s a skill that we can all improve.

Happiness Leads to Success – Not Vice Versa. Although studies show that children think fame and wealth will make them happy, the truth is that happy people tend to achieve success, have better relationships, and make more money. Happiness comes first.

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“On our show, we say that you laugh, you cry, you learn – but at the end of the show, we hope you feel happier. That’s what it’s all about,” concludes Dr. Stork. “Good health and happiness go hand in hand.”