Could Purple Bread Be Good for You?

Playing What’s the Real Deal: Purple Bread

We all know that white bread isn’t the best nutritional choice – but could PURPLE bread be better? The Doctors investigate.

Watch: Purple Pee?

ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork displays a loaf of bread in a distinctive violet shade. The pretty color, he explains, is from black-rice extract. The ingredient is supposed to slow digestion of the bread, so diners’ blood sugar doesn’t spike.

Dr. Stork notes that white breads and other refined carbohydrates act in the body like sugar. And a study from Singapore suggests that the black-rice additive might indeed work to prevent blood-sugar surges.

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Dr. Stork notes that there’s another proven way to make breads and other grain products more healthy: “Personally, I’m just going to stick to the whole grains and ancient grains,” he says.