Is Woman's Endometriosis Nightmare Over?

Playing Endometriosis Nightmare Is Over?

When Julia last visited The Doctors, she was suffering from paralyzing pain induced by endometriosis. She said that the condition was ruining her life. Now she’s back with an update!

Julia’s problems began when she was 13. Her symptoms have gotten progressively worse until she was suffering every day. The Doctors arranged for her to see Gynecologist Dr. Tamer Seckin in hopes that he could relieve her pain.

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“The type of endometriosis she may have is early stage,” explains Dr. Seckin. He operates to remove the lesions in and around her uterus. He uses dye to reveal hidden areas of endometriosis that are causing Julia’s agonizing pain.

Now Julia, her mother, and Dr. Seckin join The Doctors. Julia says, “I’m feeling a lot better! I’m not in pain every day.” She’s missing less school and her grades have improved.

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Plastic Surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon notes that Dr. Seckin did everything via laparoscopy. “In open surgery, we couldn’t have seen these lesions at all,” Dr. Seckin explains. He says that he removed a dozen lesions, all of which were inflamed.

“I’m just glad that you found some relief here with this surgery,” ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork concludes.