Are Fast-Food Burgers Indestructible?

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Playing Indestructible Fast Food Burger?

A viral video shows molten copper being poured on various food items. An apple, a steak, and popcorn all take obvious damage, but a fast-food burger seems to stay pretty similar to how it began. Does this indicate something alarming about fast food?

“I would like to compare that to your home burger, though,” observes Dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee. “I want to see if it does the same thing. It might just have to do with the hamburger meat.”

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Attorney Areva Martin chimes in, “I don’t want to watch videos like that, because I gotta eat fast food again tonight!” Psychotherapist Dr. Chris Donoghue doesn’t really care about the copper test – he says, “I’m not afraid of that as much as I’m afraid of the antibiotics, the chemicals, the genetically modified things that are in that fast food …”

ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork no longer eats fast food and, he says, “I’m 44, and I feel way better now than I did at 35.”

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Areva points out that some fast-food choices are healthier than they used to be – and for working families, sometimes it’s hard to avoid a trip to the drive-through.

“We’re going to have to disagree on this,” counters Dr. Stork. He notes that even the salad items are often loaded with artificial ingredients. And if you love fast-food standards, you can make them at home from scratch and skip the processed additives.

“Fast food is actually more expensive!” he concludes. There are always alternatives if people want them.