How Does Olivia Munn Keep Her Face Looking Youthful?

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Playing Drs. Rx: Olivia Munn’s Secret for a Youthful Looking Face

Actress Olivia Munn reportedly swears by one particular food to keep the wrinkles away. But does evidence suggest that eating this can improve your skin?

Her secret: Dining on Japanese sweet potatoes. Olivia has claimed on social media that the purple tubers are rich in hyaluronic acid, explains ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork. “What’s the real deal on these things?” he asks.

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Dr. Stork says, “Sadly, it’ll probably have minimal anti-aging effect on the skin.” But don’t pass up these sweet potatoes! They’re a healthy food full of anti-oxidants.

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon notes that hyaluronic acid is the same substance he injects as a facial filler and explains that it won’t survive a trip through the digestive tract when eaten, “But by eating the amino acids, you are going to get the precursors so you can form your own HA.”

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“It gets back to eating food that is packed with nutrition,” Concludes Dr. Stork. “It’s great for your skin.”