Can Your Phone See Through Walls!?

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The creators of the smartphone accessory “Walabot” claim that it can see through walls, detect alcohol content, read vital signs, and even potentially screen for cancer. But does it work?

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The Walabot is just about the same size as a cell phone, and connects to the phone via a cable. “The company says the scenarios are nearly limitless, because the device is connected to your smart phone,” explains ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork.

The Doctors have a Walabot on hand, and put it to the test! They slide it up a piece of wallboard concealing some pipes and wires. Sure enough, the Walabot clearly shows the objects when it passes over them. The claim that it can “see through walls” pans out!

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Plastic Surgeon Dr. Andrew Orden explains that the device is using sonar – sending out sound waves that bounce off the objects behind the wall and return to create an image of them. The Doctors agree that the potential medical uses of such a device are exciting, although they wonder about the privacy implications of this type of technology.