A Hack to Find Your Lost Jewelry?

Playing Drs. Rx: A Simple Trick to Help You Find Lost Jewelry

Precious jewelry and other tiny objects have the worst way of disappearing – but The Doctors have a tip to help bring them to light again.

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“Who’s ever lost something small and valuable, and then you can’t find it?” asks ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork. Hands go up – including Urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman’s. You know about where it has to be, but that tiny earring or glasses screw is nowhere in sight.

Just cut a piece from an old nylon stocking and rubber-band it over your vacuum-cleaner hose! Dr. Stork explains that the vacuum will suck up all tiny objects in the vicinity, while the nylon mesh keeps them out of the vacuum cleaner’s chamber.

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The vacuum is also handy for reaching things that have fallen behind or under furniture – putting the right tool on the end of the hose extends your reach.