Stay Full and Get Tiny with Jorge Cruise

Playing Jorge Cruise Helps Keep You “Tiny and Full”

Celebrity fitness expert Jorge Cruise joins The Doctors to share recipes from his book “Tiny and Full,” which aims to help readers lose weight without going hungry.

Jorge says that he used to counsel his clients to avoid all sugars, but has adjusted his message. “It’s not that natural sugars are the enemy,” he explains. “It’s really that the true enemy is just eating too many high-calorie foods that are processed.”

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Although it’s not a vegan diet, Jorge’s plan starts with a vegan breakfast. As an example, he’s brought along his special-recipe muffins, containing garbanzo beans, chia seeds, and applesauce instead of the traditional eggs and dairy. “It is filling,” comments Urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman. “No one wants to be hungry,” explains Jorge.
Lunch is pizza! Jorge includes a little real cheese and bacon for their vitamin B12 content and swaps a whole-wheat tortilla for the traditional pizza crust.

For dinner, he serves up lasagna with cheese and turkey. Instead of noodles, he uses slices of zucchini. “And at night, who gets a little sweet tooth?” he wants to know. His answer to the dessert dilemma is frozen strawberries and bananas, pureed with a tiny bit of cream – either coconut or dairy.

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You can sample all of these recipes here at The Doctors’ website!