Beat the Stress of Mommy Madness!

Playing Web Ex.: Tips for Stressed Out Moms

Work/life balance expert Samantha Ettus has tips for women who are stressed out by trying to do everything!

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Drop the Guilt. “There’s no room in your pie for it,” Samantha says. Doing well at work benefits your family, so feel good about giving 100 percent there!

Sleep. It’s tempting to try to stay up late to catch up with home and work duties, but “the better you sleep, the more patient you are and the better parent you are,” explains Samantha. Aim for at least seven hours.

Get Help from Your Partner. “Either you’re going to be a single parent, or you’re going to have a partner that helps at home,” she explains. “You need your partner to support your dreams just as you support theirs, so don’t settle for anything less!

Adult Time. Whether it’s with your partner or your friends, take one night each week to go out – without kids! “This is your fuel to be the best parent you can be,” Samantha concludes.

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Juggling young kids and work will never be easy, but these tips will make you more effective – and save you a little stress at the same time.