A Easy Hack to Wash Your Delicates!

Playing Drs. Rx: Laundry Hack for Your Delicates

Sometimes you’re not ready to do a whole laundry load, but you need clean undies. Or you’re tired of your delicates taking a beating at the laundromat. ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork has just the hack you need!

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The answer might be right there in your own kitchen – in the salad spinner. “What I like to do is put my sexy lingerie in here,” Dr. Stork explains, “And other delicates.”

Pop your washables in the salad spinner, add just enough water and soap to get everything wet, “And get this bad boy going!” says Dr. Stork, pumping the spinner handle.

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Finish off by removing the inner basket complete with laundry and giving the contents a good rinse, then spin to get as much water out as possible. However, as Plastic Surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon notes, you might want to get a two spinners – one for lettuce and one for lingerie.