Pregnancy Sleep Positions

Sleeping can be a frustrating problem for pregnant women, as certain sleep positions can affect a growing fetus. OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Mastersonexplains the best sleep positions during pregnancy.

A common mistake that pregnant women can make is sleeping on their backs. "You do not want to sleep flat on your back," Dr. Lisa says. 

While it's not a significant problem in the first trimester since the uterus hasn't grown much, as a woman gets further along, the uterus grows larger, making it heavier, which can compress the major blood vessel that supplies blood to the baby. This is why pregnant women should lie on their sides; however, which side is better?

"She can actually lay on both sides," Dr. Lisa says. "But the optimal side is the left side because of the anatomy of the body. It maximizes bloodflow to the baby, but [women] really can do both sides because there are many blood vessels in the body.

“You’re just going to get more and more uncomfortable when you sleep, so you may need to take catnaps, too,” Dr. Lisa adds. “But that’s absolutely normal during pregnancy.”