Woman Who Lost 180 Returns After Skin-Removal Surgery

Playing Woman Who Lost 180 Pounds Undergoes Skin Removal Surgery

The following material contains graphic images that may be disturbing. Parents are advised that these images may not be suitable for young children.

Ruth shared her amazing weight loss results with The Doctors earlier. Now she returns to have her excess skin removed. See how she’s doing!

Ruth had always been heavy, but was inspired to lose weight by the death of her beloved aunt. She lost her first 60 pounds in just 12 weeks! But after losing a total of 180 pounds, Ruth was left with loose skin. The Doctors were there to help. Plastic Surgeon Dr. David Shifrin offered to do her skin removal surgery free of charge!

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“You have so much excess skin here, yards and yards of skin that are going to have to come off,” Dr. Shifrin explains to Ruth on the day of her surgery. “You’re going to come out looking terrific.”

Dr. Shifrin and his team set to work, removing skin from Ruth’s back so the curve of her waist is defined. “She could wear a bikini in the summertime and no one would see these scars,” he comments. Then they remove side, abdominal, and thigh excess skin as well.

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Now Ruth joins The Doctors to show off her post-surgery look! “How do you feel?” asks Plastic Surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon. “Oh my goodness, I feel amazing!” Ruth tells him!

“This is one of the most dramatic results I’ve seen,” Dr. Ordon tells Dr. Shifrin. “Ruth did a wonderful job getting her body ready for such a strenuous recovery. I’m just honored to be part of her transformation,” Dr. Shifrin responds.