At-Home Hack to Clean Old Sneakers

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Playing Drs. Rx: At-Home Hack to Clean Old Sneakers

Don’t throw out those dingy kicks! Learn how to make them clean as new.

ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork asks, “What’s the one thing you sleep with that can make your old sneakers look new again?” The answer – a pillowcase!

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Just pop your tennis shoes in a light-colored cotton or polyester pillowcase and tie a knot at the top. Then toss them in the washing machine with a few towels to balance the load.

After a cycle on delicate in cold water, let the shoes air dry. “You know what’s great about this is you’re going to get your shoes clean, you’re going to get rid of some odors, but you’re not going to destroy the rest of your laundry and your washing machine,” Dr. Stork explains.

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“I’m doing this tonight,” Dr. Stork concludes. “I love it!