Mother-Daughter Pair Obsessed with Plastic Surgery

Playing Mother-Daughter Duo Addicted to Plastic Surgery

Kayla and her mother, Georgina, love spending time together, dressing alike – and getting plastic surgery together. They’ve spent more than $80,000 on surgery to look more like British celebrity Katie Price. Is this taking mother-daughter bonding too far?

“She’s perfect!” says Georgina, holding a picture of Katie Price. “She’s got the whole package.” Kayla says she knew when she was 11 that she wanted breast implants to emulate her idol. “I was pleased that Kayla wanted surgery and wanted a boob job,” says her mother.

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When she was 17, Kayla says, she started stripping. “And then I met a sugar daddy, and he gave me certain amount each week and then gave me a bit more and I got my boobs done.” Georgina says, “I don’t mind Kayla having a sugar daddy or stripping to pay for plastic surgery, because we’re living the dream.” She adds, “I’m so proud of her!”

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon says, “We’re all for a mother-daughter relationship … but you’re enabling each other to follow very, very reckless and dangerous behavior.” He wonders, “Why can’t you two just be happy with who you are?”

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He thinks they look less like Katie Price now than when they started! “Her lips and her boobs are too small,” explains Georgina. In fact, she and Kayla plan to get new implants to reach JJ-sized breasts. “I have to tell you how dangerous that is for your health in general, but in particular for your breasts. You’re stretching the skin to the degree that you potentially can lose the implants, lose the skin, need reconstructive surgery …”

Psychotherapist Dr. Jenn Mann says, “This is a pathology that is clearly coming from the mom.” She adds, “I think you guys really need to sit down with a therapist and work through this stuff.”