Pancakes and French Toast - Which Is Healthier?

Playing Which is Worse: Pancakes or French Toast?

They’re two favorite breakfast treats, but pancakes and French toast don’t have a reputation as healthy fare. If you’re going to indulge, which is a better choice? And speaking of treats – if you nibble on French fries, should you being dipping them in ranch dressing, or the traditional ketchup?

The fry dilemma is a tough one. While ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork notes that while the tomato in ketchup is healthful and full of lycopene, that bottle also contains a whopping dose of sugar. “The problem I have with a lot of the ranch dressings,” he explains, “is that it doesn’t come from the ranch. It comes from the lab!”

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In spite of the sugar, he recommends going with the ketchup – at least it doesn’t contain hydrogenated oils, as some bottled ranch dressings do. “I think the big thing is, if you’re doing to indulge and use these dips, just don’t use a ton of it,” he says. Or you could choose salsa, mustard, or hot sauce, which are all great choices!

And as for those breakfast goodies? Go for the pancakes, at least if you’re eating in a restaurant. A USDA survey showed that chain-restaurant pancakes were significantly lower in calories than French toast from the same restaurants.

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“More important to me than whether it’s pancakes or French toast is whether it’s whole-grain,” Dr. Stork adds. And Plastic Surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon suggests skipping the syrup and the butter and topping your chosen treat with Greek yogurt and fruit instead.

“Everything in moderation!” is Dr. Stork’s takeaway.