Simple Swaps to Shed the Pounds

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Playing What You Need to Stop Eating to Drop Pounds

Reader’s Digest Editor-in-Chief Liz Vaccariello shares ways to make your favorite meals a little leaner, without giving up taste.

Liz has written a book detailing her “Stop and Drop Diet.” She explains, “The idea is that you stop eating the unhealthy versions of any food that you like, and you can drop up to five pounds in five days.”

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Here are a few of the swaps she suggests:

Maple Oatmeal. Bypass the McDonald’s drive-through and hit Burger King instead. Both offer maple oatmeal, but the Burger King version has 120 fewer calories.

Soup. Swap out cream-of-tomato soup for a clear tomato-based soup like tomato-vegetable.

Pizza. A six-inch single-serving veggie pizza from one popular chain weighs in at a whopping 550 calories! The brand Kashi offers a thin-crust frozen Pizza Margherita has less than half the calorie count.

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The “Stop and Drop Diet” includes a three-week diet plan, and there are online tools to complement the book.