What Your Acne Says About Your Health

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A viral Internet message claims that breakouts in different areas on the face may indicate different underlying problems – the forehead is due to poor diet, for example, while chin pimples come from kidney disease, and the cheeks break out from allergies and stress.

Dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee says, “I’m here to tell you that this is ridiculous, and it’s all false!”

Watch: Kendall Jenner's DIY Acne Mask

The actual causes of breakouts are hormonal and genetic. However, sometimes breakouts occurring in certain areas do offer a clue as to the cause – for instance, forehead breakouts may be caused by contact with heavy or greasy hair products.

Dr. Lee adds that what looks like acne on the nose may actually be rosacea, especially if it’s made worse by alcohol, caffeine, or spicy foods. And cheek acne is sometimes triggered by anabolic steroid use. Adult women who break out on the jaw may be experiencing a hormone imbalance. Chin acne may appear in athletes who wear chinstraps.

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