Learn How to Give an All-Star Massage

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Playing Massage Tips from a Celebrity Masseuse

Celebrity massage therapist Brit shares her tips for a massage fit for a star!

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• Sit at the head of the table

• Begin with lavender essential oil rubbed into your hands.

•  Breathe deeply for relaxation.

• Speak softly.

• Apply coconut, olive, almond, or jojoba oil to your hands.

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• Stand beside the table. Beginning at the lower back, apply circular pressure traveling up, across the shoulders, and back down. Lean in with your body weight.

• Apply more oil and work down one arm, then loosen the shoulder and stretch the arm and hand. Use a lunge position to reduce stress on your own back while your work.

• Repeat on the other arm and shoulder, and you’re done!

Brit reminds us that this is a free way to do something nice for a friend, family member, or special someone. Who doesn’t love a good massage?