Learn How the Wrong Peanut Butter Can Kill Your Pet!

Playing Can Peanut Butter Kill Your Dog?

Dogs love peanut butter and pet-lovers know it’s an easy way to get pups to take medication. But can this treat be dangerous? Veterinarian Courtney Campbell explains that one ingredient in some peanut butters can be fatal to Fido.

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“Peanut butter by itself is totally safe,” explains Dr. Campbell. What you want to avoid is the ingredient Xylitol, which is added to some types of peanut butter.

Xylitol is a sweetener, also found in some sugarless gums and other products. “It’s safe for humans, but can cause the blood sugar in dogs to drop drastically,” Dr. Campbell says. This can lead to seizures, coma, or death.

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So read the ingredients list before you offer that peanut butter to your pooch (natural-style peanut butters, which only contain peanuts and salt, are always safe). If your preferred brand of peanut butter contains Xylitol, safer alternatives to offer your dog include low-fat cream cheese, bananas, or small amounts of cheese.