Car Accident Survivor Proposes to Girlfriend

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Playing Man Proposes to Girlfriend after Surviving Horrific Car Accident

The following material contains graphic images that may be disturbing. Parents are advised that these images may not be suitable for young children.

Jemasio had come up with a romantic plan to propose to his girlfriend on their dating anniversary. Things went terribly awry when he was in a severe car wreck on his way to pick her up. But nothing could stand in the way of this couple’s romantic evening!

Kayla was getting ready for a special anniversary dinner with Jemasio when she got the call telling her about his accident. Jemasia was trapped in the crushed wreckage of his car as bystanders struggled to free him. Kayla rushed to the scene and saw the wreckage, and thought “Nobody could survive that,” she says. She rode in the ambulance with Jemasio to the hospital.

Kayla waited anxiously while Jemasio was whisked away from tests to determine if he had internal injuries. “I was scared,” she said, “but nothing could have prepared me for what was about to happen.”

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Now Kayla joins The Doctors – and so does Jemasio. “After seeing that car, I also, as an ER doc, am surprised that you’re standing here today!” says ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork. The accident was only two weeks ago. “It was a little scary,” he admits. He simply lost control of the car on a slippery, winding road after heavy rain. Jemasio was wearing his seatbelt, which almost certainly saved him from serious injury.

That eventful night had more surprises in store for Kayla! Jemasio had something to ask her. He dropped to his knees with some help from hospital personnel and asked, “Will you marry me?” Kayla tearfully accepted his proposal and his ring.

“I can barely walk but I still have a voice,” Jemasio says he thought that night. “And I don’t want to pass that chance up.”

The happy couple’s special song is “When I Pray for You” by country duo Dan + Shay. Now the band offers them congratulations – and invites them to attend any upcoming concert on their “Obsessed” tour, plus a special meet ‘n’ greet with the duo!

“We’ve been doing a little wedding planning for the two of you,” continues Dr. Stork. They’ve arranged some wonderful gifts to make that special day shine – including flowers from Melissa Timm Designs, an engagement photo shoot and wedding photography from Shane Hawkins Photography, a bridal gown and dresses for the bridal party from Jenny Yoo, and wedding and reception hosting at The Pavilion of Hunter Valley Farm.

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But there’s still the honeymoon to consider – and Sandals Resorts has it covered, with a luxury five-day, four-night honeymoon getaway at the tropical Sandals location of the couple’s choice. Airfare will be provided by DoHop.

“We’re college students, we graduate in May, and we were so excited to set our wedding date in May,” says Kayla, in tears. “We were planning on working over the summer to help our parents pay for our wedding. This is so amazing!”

“Thank you for sharing your love with us,” concludes Dr. Stork.