How Much Pee Is in that Swimming Pool?

What could be better on a hot day than jumping into a cool, refreshing swimming pool full of water -- but what if water isn’t the only thing in there?

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A new study indicates that public swimming pools may contain an average of 20 gallons of urine (residential pools contain a mere three to five gallons of pee). “The good news is, for the most part, urine – it is sterile,” ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork reminds us. “It’s not as much of a public health hazard as we may believe.”

He thinks that this is a good wake-up call to check with your local pool about hygiene standards – are they using the right amount of chlorine? Too much and too little can both cause problems. How often is water quality checked? Shower before and after swimming as well.

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“There’s two colors of pool I won’t swim in,” concludes Dr. Stork. “Yellow and brown!

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Playing Toxic Reaction from Peeing in the Pool?