Reincarnation of Baseball Legend?

Playing Is Young Boy the Reincarnation of Baseball Legend Lou Gehrig?

Christian has been fascinated by baseball since he was one year old. The little boy could play like an eight-year-old when he was three – but are his gifts on the field genetic, or was he a baseball legend in another life?

“The first time I played baseball, it just felt very natural,” says Christian. When mom Cathy took him to a pro game in Boston, he saw a picture of Babe Ruth and reacted violently, saying “I don’t like him, he was mean to me!” Cathy says, “That’s when I had an inkling that something was going on.”

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When Cathy showed Christian pictures of players from Babe Ruth’s era, he pointed to one man and said, “That’ me!” The player was Yankee great Lou Gehrig. “To have him say these things, it was actually very disturbing. I was concerned,” Cathy says.

“When he was six years old, we went to Lou Gehrig’s grave,” Cathy adds. “He said, ‘Mommy, God gave me a new brain now. It’s really hard to remember.’ It’s as if it faded away like a dream.”

Now Christian and Cathy join The Doctors. When he grows up, he says, he wants to play for the Dodgers. “It has been quite a journey for us,” says Cathy. She says he shared many stories with his family that they didn’t know and he couldn’t have known – “I had to look it up on the computer!” She adds, “I didn’t believe in reincarnation, it wasn’t part of my belief system.”

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Cathy has written a book, “The Boy Who Knew Too Much,” and says she leaves the question of reincarnation open. “I just provide the evidentiary moments of what occurred in my life, and I kind of leave it up to the reader to interpret it. What came through the most was evidence that our souls survive this earthly existence, and that love can surpass one lifetime.”

“I think if nothing else, it just forces us to think outside of ourselves,” concludes ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork. “Christian, regardless of all the things that happened with you when you were young, you’re living your own life now, and we can’t wait to follow along.”