Cheryl Burke of 'Dancing with the Stars' Reveals Struggle with Body Image

Playing Cheryl Burke’s Body Image Struggles

Dancer and model Cheryl Burke joins The Doctors to discuss her long association with “Dancing with the Stars,” and how public scrutiny as young woman affected her relationship with her body.

“I’ve done 19 seasons of ‘Dancing with the Stars,’” Cheryl says. “I never thought ballroom dancing would have so much exposure and have people like you guys support it!”

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Cheryl was 21 during her first season on the show and, she says, “I was able to eat whatever I wanted! Fast food every single night.” As she moved into her later 20s she gained five to 10 pounds. “It was hard on me, because it was all over the tabloids. People were saying, ‘You’re too fat to be on television.’ I was just doing something I loved!”

Cheryl says she does try to eat healthfully now – although she loves pizza just like everyone else! “There’s a great balance in life,” she concludes. “And it’s just to keep an active lifestyle as well.”

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This season Cheryl’s not dancing with the stars, but it’s not because she’s lost her passion for dance! She’s taken time to work on her own live show, “Love on the Floor.” “It’s been ten years in the making,” she says. She and ice-skaters Kristi Yamaguchi, Meryl Davis, and Charlie White – all “Dancing with the Stars” veterans – headline the live dance extravaganza, which is headed to Tokyo.