Do You Know the Biggest Threats to Your Smile?

Playing Which Is Worse: Dental Edition

See how much you REALLY know about keeping your teeth healthy – take The Doctors’ Which Is Worse challenge, special dental edition!

Dentist Dr. Weston Spencer is on hand to reveal which foods and drinks do the most damage. First off, which of these foods should send you running for your toothbrush: saltine crackers, chocolate, or corn on the cob?

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Dr. Spencer reveals the surprising answer – and the way to minimize the damage right after you eat it. “Take a good swig of water,” he recommends, or chew some sugar-free gum.

ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork warns that the next challenge is going to be tough, and it involves two of his favorite beverages! Which is the hardest on your teeth – coffee, Kombucha, or apple juice? “I don’t drink a ton of apple juice,” he says, but he’s a big fan of both coffee and kombucha.

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The audience overwhelming guesses apple juice – but are they right? Check your guess by watching the video above.

Dr. Spencer has tips for those who choose to sip any acidic beverage – follow it with a drink of water. Do NOT brush your teeth right after drinking anything hide in acid, because it can cause further damage to your enamel! Give it an hour or so – “take a family walk!” – Dr. Stork suggests, before heading for the toothbrush.