Courtney Stodden’s Battle with Depression and Anxiety

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Playing Exclusive: Courtney Stodden’s Battle with Depression and Anxiety

Reality star and model Courtney Stodden speaks out about the decisions she’s made and her struggles with mental health and substance abuse.

“I feel like I’ve lived so many lives at such a young age!” says Courtney. ‘It’s exhausting.” She explains that she fell in love with actor Doug Hutchison while taking acting classes from him and married him eight months they started communicating – she was 16 and he was 50. “My mother was the one who granted permission,” she adds. “Now, when I’m explaining the story, it’s like ‘Oh my God, this is crazy!’”

Courtney now says, “I went from my parents to another parental figure.” The transition from small-town life to Hollywood, complete with paparazzi and the pressures of publicity, was overwhelming. Adding to the stress, Courtney suffered a miscarriage. And, she says, “The age difference began weighing on me.”

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The couple is now separated and in the process of divorcing. At age 22, “I just want some normalcy now,” says Courtney. However, she suffers from depression and immense anxiety, “And I don’t know if I’m coping in the most healthy way!” She says she’s been “partying a little too hard.”

“I also have been taking anti-anxiety medication, otherwise I literally feel like I’m going to jump out the window,” she admits. “Sometimes I have medical marijuana, but that doesn’t really help because I start having a panic attack.”

Attorney Areva Martin notes that Courtney is estranged from her mother. “I do have a lot of hurt that I carry inside of me in regard to that relationship,” she admits. However, she says that Doug “Is a good man, so I’m happy that she signed off to a good person.” She also says that her miscarriage “is still hard for me to talk about.”

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Dr. Stork wants to discuss Courtney’s depression and anxiety – and the drugs and alcohol she’s using to deal with them. “I literally feel like my coping mechanisms could lead to a disastrous, vicious situation,” she admits. “I think if I seek the proper coping mechanisms, I could turn this around and be the young woman that I want to be.”

“Mixing various medications with alcohol, it can be a very dangerous thing.” Addiction Specialist Dr. Damon Raskin joins The Doctors and tells Courtney, “I can definitely help you.” He offers Courtney eight complimentary sessions to look at the medication she’s taking, do some bloodwork, and consider “What medications are more appropriate for you. Let’s start now and get you on the road to health!”

“We look forward to updates from you,” Dr. Stork tells her. “We wish you the best of luck!”