Woman Who Eats Clay Pots Returns!

When Tamika first visited The Doctors, she was eating two to three clay pots a day. Has she beaten the bizarre habit?

“Obviously, it’s not healthy,” she confesses. “I have to stop. I could die if I don’t stop.” Gastroenterologist Pradnya Mitroo points out that there could be lead or other toxins in commercial planting pots – they aren’t safe for human consumption! Blood tests show that Tamika does not have elevated levels of lead or mercury, but she does have a severe iron deficiency.

Psychotherapist Dr. Mike Dow offers free therapy to help Tamika beat her compulsion. But did it work?

Watch: I'm Addicted to Eating Clay Pots!

“I’m glad to say that I haven’t eaten any clay pots since I left!” Tamika announces to The Doctors. She says that Dr. Dow has given her coping mechanisms she uses when she gets a craving.

Dr. Dow says Tamika really opened up to him and revealed things she’d never told anyone else. “At the end of that session, you told me that it felt like a 1,000-lb weight had been taken off your shoulders,” he says to Tamika. “I love that. Because I saw in you that this was so much more.”

Although Tamika’s low iron level was contributing to her craving, he says, “It was also an emotional transformation for you.”

Watch: Help for Woman Addicted to Eating Clay Pots

Tamika’s husband says, “I’m extremely proud of her! She’s transformed herself completely.” He notes that she’s making healthier food choices. “Now she’s addicted to eating healthy!”

ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork explains that pica – the craving to eat non-food substances – can often indicate a nutritional deficiency. If you feel the urge to eat clay, dirt, or chalk, see your doctor to make sure there’s not an underlying health problem.

But now, The Doctors have a surprise to help Tamika and her family celebrate her transformation! Pechanga Resort and Casino in the Southern California wine country is offering them a three-night family stay in a luxury suite, a $500 restaurant credit, and a couples massage!

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