Let the Garden Be Your Medicine Cabinet

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Playing Grow Your Own Medicine Cabinet

Biodynamic farmer Alice Bamford joins The Doctors to discuss her new book, “One Gun Ranch,” and explain how we can all garden our way to better health.

“I love that the book really focuses on the concept of growing food as your medicine, so to speak,” says ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork. Alice explains that One Gun Ranch is home to about 60 animals, all of them rescues, including horses, as well as biodynamic garden beds full of beneficial plants.

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Alice has brought recipes to share, including a spinach and nutmeg soup. “Spinach is very good for strength, it’s very good for red blood cells,” she tells Dr. Stork and Rosie Mercado. “It has the highest percentage of Vitamin K.” And nutmeg is a good antioxidant.

She’s also brought turmeric-poached halibut, a good choice ecologically, cooked with anti-inflammatory organic turmeric from the ranch.

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And to finish the meal, brownies! “If you tell me this is healthy, I might be done for,” confesses Dr. Stork – he’s a noted brownieholic. Alice’s brownies are made with dark chocolate and beets. “Beets are very high in Vitamin C, so they’re obviously very good for your immune system,” she notes. “That’s remarkable, because it almost has a fudgelike consistency,” Dr. Stork says.

All of the recipes for today’s goodies are available in Alice’s book – and right here on The Doctors website .