Keenan's Extreme Keloid Scar Removal

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Playing Life-Changing Keloid Removal Surgery!

The following material contains graphic images that may be disturbing. Parents are advised that these images may not be suitable for young children.

Keenan suffered from severe keloid scars that covered much of his face. The Doctors arranged for the disfiguring growths to be removed – see what Keenan looks like now!

It all began with a childhood bout of chicken pox, according to Keenan’s mother, Madeline. He was left with a small keloid scar, which a doctor removed. But the scar returned – and spread. “Every time that I had them removed, they grew back so much more enormous and grotesque,” says Keenan.

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Keenan was self-conscious in public, unable to sleep comfortably, and had to carry a towel to stanch the blood and pus they sometimes oozed. In 2015, Keenan visited The Doctors to share his story, and Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon Dr. Michael Jones volunteered to remove all of his keloids.

Dr. Jones removed the scars in two surgeries, one for each side of Keenan’s face. The surgery is more involved than Dr. Jones expected, and there’s risk to Keenan’s facial nerves – the keloids are anchored in a giant sheet of scar tissue under the skin. However, he is able to tell Madeline afterward, “Everything went great! The keloid is gone!”

Now Keenan joins The Doctorskeloid-free! And that’s not the only way his life has changed. “I will say this, not to break any ladies’ hearts or anything, but I’m newly engaged!” he announces. “I can honestly say that the person I’m engaged to – she saw me for me. She didn’t look at what I looked like on the outside. She looked at my heart.”

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Dr. Jones cautions that “Keenan is definitely not out of the woods. We need to watch Keenan very, very closely. In order to say that he actually has a cure, we need to wait about three to five years to make sure that these lesions are not going to come back.” However, he says, the protocol they followed in Keenan’s case has a 95 percent success rate!

ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork announces a little surprise for Keenan. “Engagements lead to weddings lead to honeymoons … how does a honeymoon cruise sound?” he wants to know. MSC Cruises is providing a seven-day Caribbean cruise for the happy couple aboard the MSC Divina, plus a $500 American Express gift card!

Keenan says that he wants to devote himself to helping others with his condition. “I’m in the mode of paying it forward,” he tells The Doctors.