Add One Secret Ingredient to Make Healthy Brownies!

Playing Drs. Rx: Make Brownies Healthier by Adding THIS!

Brownies are a yummy treat – but could they be good for you? The Doctors have a prescription for guilt-free goodies you can make at home!

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ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork admits that brownies are his weakness. “But can we, as a people, make brownies healthier?” he asks. One easy food swap can do it!

The secret ingredient in these tasty morsels? Pureed prunes. These super-sweet, antioxidant, fiber-rich dried fruits can replace much of the sugar and fat in traditional brownies.

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And there’s another benefit! “The best part about prunes is,” Dr. Stork adds, “it binds the brownie together – but also, as we know, prunes help bind things together for a smooth move later on. This is a brownie that keeps on giving right here!”

Get the recipe for the healthier brownies, here!