No-Surgery Facelift

Do you hate the lines and wrinkles that come with getting older, but you feel you aren’t ready to go under the knife to fix them? A new, no-knife procedure may be the answer.

The Volumalift facial, developed by plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen Mulholland, is a minimally invasive face rejuvenation procedure that uses a combination of medical fillers and takes just 30 minutes. “We use soft-tissue fillers to recreate the buttresses of youth,” Dr. Mulholland says. “If you look at the average face that’s aged, there’s some loss of volume and support under they eye, across the cheekbone, around the mouth, in the back of the jaw and the brow. And by replicating those buttresses of support, we can really create a youthful fullness.”

“The bottom line is there’s something for everybody,” Dr. Ordon says. “In these tough times, some people aren’t ready for surgery. There are options with filling and other non-invasive procedures.”

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