Would You Get a Massage from a Snake?

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Playing A Massage from a Snake?!

One spa is offering an unusual service – a relaxing neck massage from the owner’s four-foot-long pet ball python, named Monty. The spa claims that the rhythmic muscle contractions Monty uses to move provide the same benefits as a vigorous massage by hand.

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ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork is no fan of snakes, but he wants to be fair – so he asks Veterinarian Dr. Arvid Edward, “Is this safe? Because this is how they kill their prey, isn’t it?” Dr. Edward says this four-foot python is too small to see humans as food items. “It’s like a teacup poodle trying to eat you!” And ball pythons, unlike their larger Burmese python cousins, are docile and gentle.

However, Dr. Edward is very concerned that people might try this at home without knowing what they’re doing. And if they used a larger or more aggressive snake, like a Burmese python, it could be very dangerous.

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“I think the most important takeaway is, know what you’re signing up for,” Dr. Stork concludes. “Don’t take some random snake and throw it around your neck.” And he does admit that Monty the python is kind of cute – but he won’t be signing up for a snake massage anytime soon!