Mary Jo Eustace Speaks Out

Mary Jo Eustace, the ex-wife of Dean McDermott, opens up to The Doctors about her legal battle with her ex, who is now married to Tori Spelling.

Dean and Mary Jo had just adopted their second child when Dean went to Canada to shoot a movie with Tori Spelling. When he returned, Mary Jo says, he requested a divorce. “I was shocked – I thought it was a joke!” But a few days later, she was served with divorce papers.

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Two years ago, the former couple became entangled in a legal battle regarding child and spousal support, and Mary Jo took the matter into her own hands and filed her own paperwork at the courthouse.

Attorney Areva Martin tells her, “What you did was really important. Often women feel unempowered and they have these great orders, but they can’t get them enforced.” She adds, “Women need to know that they can do what you did, file on their own for contempt. They can go to the county – the county has services it supplies to help you enforce child-support orders.”

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Areva concludes, “The most important thing is the interests of the child.”

When contacted by The Doctors, reps for Dean commented, "There is nothing left to discuss because the court issue was dismissed without prejudice and they have a payment plan is in place."

For more with Mary Jo, who has also written a book, “Scared Wheatless,” about her decision to go to gluten-free, watch the video above.

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