Kelly Rowland Wrote the Book on Motherhood

Playing Kelly Rowland Gets Real About Motherhood!

Grammy-winner Kelly Rowland knows how new moms feel – because she is one. Now she’s written a book to talk them through the madness. “Whoa Baby!” aims to offer an honest look at new motherhood – and Kelly’s shocked expression on the cover says it all!

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“I’m so excited to be here – I’m such a fan of the show!” Kelly tells ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork. “I love that on this book you collaborated with your doctor, who happens to be here” he tells her, and they introduce Ob/Gyn Dr. Tristan Emily Bickman. “Clearly Kelly learned a lot about the medical side of all this, but I’m assuming doing all this together, you also learned a lot from Kelly!”

Dr. Bickman agrees. “She came to me after having her baby, asking the same questions that people have been asking me for many, many years.” Dr. Bickman realized there were no resources for new mothers that explained everything, and Kelly suggested they write a book.

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“She’s seen and heard it all!” says Kelly. “There wasn’t a question I asked her that I felt like I couldn’t.” Breast Surgeon Dr. Kristi Funk works frequently with Dr. Bickman and agrees. “She has an answer for everything!”

Kelly says she’s up for another baby – but please, unlike her friend Beyonce, no twins for her!