Are Smart Kids More Likely to Smoke Pot?

Playing Smart Kids More Likely to Smoke Pot?

A recent British study has indicated that high-achieving teens are more likely to use pot and alcohol than their peers. By the late teen years, the smarter kids were more than twice as likely to use marijuana consistently as lower-achieving teens.

4-time NBA all-star John Salley, for one, is not surprised! John explains, “I got into using cannabis, better known as marijuana (to the ones who don’t use it). I waited until I was 36 to try it, at 42 I became constant with it, and now I’m in the cannabis business with my daughter Tyler.”

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ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork notes that the common stereotype of pot-smoking teens is that they’re troublemakers. Plastic Surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon points out that cannabis use is common among kids in all demographics.

John claims that cannabis actually increases his focus. “I am so focused right now!” Dr. Stork injects a warning, though, “In younger kids, you’ve got to be very cautious, because the developing brain is very different from a fully developed brain.” John points out that you don’t want to make drugs and alcohol forbidden fruit – and he believes there are fewer social downsides to cannabis compared to alcohol.

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“As with anything, it can easily be abused,” concludes Dr. Stork. “I’m old-school in the sense that I just feel like kids shouldn’t be taking any substances.”