Can Colors Change Your Life?

Playing Color Intuitive to the Stars

Actress and TV personality Heather Dubrow meets with “color intuitive to the stars” Dougall Fraser. Can this man see colors around her that reveal her personality?

Dougall says he sees mint green and orange in Heather’s aura. He cautions her against taking on too many projects at once – mint green personalities can overload themselves with work in their enthusiasm. “I find this fascinating,” says Heather, “But you know, my least favorite colors are green and orange.” “Dougall answers, “If we have an aversion to a color, it’s because it wants to teach us something.”

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Mint green, he explains, is the color of excitement but also anxiety. Orange represents balance and spirituality, and he recommends adding orange to her home. “I did put orange in my house!” exclaims Heather – she has a whole wall of Veuve Clicquot Champagne, and “I picked the orange label because I wanted the orange!”

“If the universe is speaking to you through champagne, it could be worse!” Dougall concludes.

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“What I want to do is empower people to use color to change their life , ” Dougall tells ER Physician DR. Travis Stork. He recommends colors for his clients to wear for job interviews and dates to be their best selves.

Dougall concludes by reading the colors of The Doctors themselves. If you want to see what colors can do you for you, he has a new book, “Your Life in Color.”